Quality Guarantee and Product Information

TRUEWOOD FURNITURE gives all customers a full 2 year on the Zinandi range, and 5 year on the Kalahari range, quality guarantee covering materials and workmanship. It is important to understand information in this document – it could affect your guarantee cover.

We are able to give our guarantee due to the following:

  • Controlling the entire manufacturing process from origin to final product allows us to manage quality and maximize efficiencies continually.
  • Wood Used – we have chosen selected kiln dried and pin stacked woods with which to All woods are tested for acceptable levels of moisture content. These were selected specifically for their durability, stability in use and amazing grain formations.
  • Finishing – a special oil, wax or polywax finish is used on all furniture which are all more durable than varnishes, offering a high degree of surface protection and retaining the raw beauty of the timber.
  • Crafting – the factory is staffed with skilled people and each item is predominantly skilfully hand-crafted thus a lot of care and attention is paid to quality.

Characteristics of our natural products

One of the unique features of wood and other natural products is that they assume a character of their own with age. Each product will have its own markings and characteristics, these are features and not faults, purposely included in our designs, to ensure the individuality of each piece of wood used to make our furniture.

  • This means however that our Kalahari range products require some care,  The frequency of maintenance is up to you – it depends on the rate at which you want your furniture to mature and gain that aging The more frequently you maintain it, the slower the aging process. Please be aware that certain aging features include some checking, change in coloration and some change to shape and dimensions.
  • The finishing of each item is done with great care and All tables are treated with the finest quality finishes which penetrate the wood and give it long lasting protection and beauty.

Acceptable Characteristics that may occur (Definitions and Prevention)

As you have bought a natural wood product some natural maturation effects are expected. These are known as acceptable defects, or characteristics adding to the character of the furniture item. These include:

Characteristic Definition Prevention
Checking A check is a hairline crack no wider than 3mm and occurring only on the surface (does not penetrate all the way through the wood) This is part of the aging of wood. It is unavoidable over time but can be managed with the correct oiling/maintenance regime. Sunlight and dry air are the main cause of checks.
Colour and Colour Change Colour refers to the natural colouration of the wood and its  grain.  Colour change is the change in colour of the wood from its original state. It includes moisture induced leaching of oxides and tannins in wet conditions. We cannot guarantee the natural colour of the wood. Colour is certain to vary between planks and items. Colour change is part of the aging of  wood. Most woods will darken over time. If the wood is not oiled enough and is exposed a lot to the sun – it will get sun burned and turn a silver grey.
Wood Movement Wood is a living substance and shrinks and swells throughout the seasons.  It will shrink when it dries out and swell when it gets wet. This phenomenon can result in furniture dimentions changing in millimeters. Where nessesarry we designed our furniture to cope with wood movement. If the wood shrinks and  swells, it’s a temporary phenomenon
Minor Warping and Bending This covers changes in the shape and dimensions of a piece of wood over time. It is caused by the grain direction and change in climatic conditions (i.e.– shrinking and or swelling) Some warping can be expected over time and across seasons, but it must be within reason – see table below. Following the maintenance regime should prevent this.

Unacceptable Defects that may occur (Covered under Guarantee)

From time to time there may be a situation where an unacceptable defect may occur. These defects will be covered under our guarantee and the furniture items will either be repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the defect. These include:

Unacceptable Defect Definition Remedy
Cracking A crack is an opening in the wood more than 3mm wide and opening up through the piece of wood (you can see light) and is covered by guarantee. The component will be either repaired or replaced
Broken Components If the furniture is used as it is intended (no dancing on the tables) and any component breaks during normal use – it will be fully covered. The component will be replaced
Corrosion and Breakage of Attachments and Fasteners All   fasteners   and   attachments   used such as hinges and bolts are corrosion resistant. If they do rust or break under normal use they fall under guarantee The  attachment  or  fastener  and  any damaged components will be replaced
Major Warping and Bending If the wood warps or bends drastically (more than 5mm per one metre of length) it falls under guarantee The component will be either repaired or replaced

Furniture Maintenance

The two main elements responsible for deterioration of wooden furniture are the sun and changes in atmospheric conditions. Furniture should be cleaned, waxed or oiled on a regular basis to prevent drying and soiling .Please ensure you know the application your furniture is designed for, we cannot guarantee items not placed in the correct environment. If in any doubt, please contact us.

Maintenance against changes in moisture

There will always be seasonal fluctuations in environmental moisture. Regular cleaning, oiling or waxing will help reduce swelling and shrinking as this occurs.

Observing these simple rules should ensure generations of enjoyment of your TRUEWOOD furniture. Thank you for your choice.

Customer Service

Requested process of defect reporting and actions to be taken:

  • Customer to contact the Branch where the furniture was purchased, to report defects
  • Customer to email photograph of defect to retailer or
  • Retailer or  outlet  to  determine  if  the  defect  warrants  further  investigation  (is  it covered under guarantee?)
  • Retailer or outlet to pass the defect report to TRUEWOOD service team if warranted
  • TRUEWOOD service team to investigate, evaluate the defect and when warranted to set up a visit to the customer to take appropriate corrective

Liability Disclaimer

TRUEWOOD does not guarantee products against, colour change, or absorption by the wood over time especially for customers that request stains, colours or special finishes to be used on wood. Leaching of natural oxides and tannins can occur. Please protect vulnerable surfaces.

TRUEWOOD will not be held liable for any degradation, damages or injuries that occur with furniture not maintained or used as it was intended.

Any customer modifications (of any nature) to the product will negate this guarantee.


Deep Penetrating Wax

Application Instructions


Maintenance product for indoor use only. This penetrating product treats wood effectively in spite of the presence of waxes, oils, varnishes or sealers. Use on all types of wood. If the product is used on wooden floors, apply very sparingly as the surface can become slippery.


Apply when wood looks dry. Shake well before use. Apply with brush or cloth. In cold weather, a white sediment could appear. Warm container in a bowl of hot water until the white sediment disappears. Do not warm over an exposed flame or direct heat.


Rekara Mills (Pty) Ltd warrants that this product, as consigned from our factory, was subject to strict quality assurance tests and meets durability, safety, and quality standards. The product must be used, stored and handled strictly according to the instructions and warnings provided on the container and/or any pamphlet attached thereto or made available with the product. All such instructions and warnings must be strictly adhered to otherwise Rekara Mills (Pty) Ltd accepts no responsibility for the use or performance of this product.


In very dry climatic conditions apply the product freely to all inner and outer surfaces of furniture or woodwork. Where oil-based stains are suspected, test a small patch of the surface before treating. Clean brushes with mineral turpentine. Warning: Spilling of product will stain carpets, fabric, unsealed tiles and other porous surfaces.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not drink. Ingestion can cause chemical pneumonitis. If ingested, do not induce vomiting. Immediately consult a doctor. Flammable. Do not use near direct heat or an open flame. Do not smoke or eat while using the product. Wear a suitable breathing mask when using the product. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear suitable gloves when using the product. If contact with skin occurs, wash off immediately with warm water and soap. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse out immediately with lots of clean water and consult a doctor.

Application and drying of product must take place in well-ventilated area. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place and away from direct heat/open flames. Product contains solvents and will smell of solvent until completely dry. Having penetrated, the product leaves no harmful residue.

Lead-free. Product is non-toxic when dry.


Do not throw product into drain pipes, rivers, dams or other sources of water.  Do not throw product out onto ground. Use all the product before disposal of the container.